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snow algae near North pole
snow algae near North pole (12)
Trip Date:2002-08 - 2002-09
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Countries visited:Norway
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I was joining an expedition organised by the Humboldt University (Berlin) to Spitsbergen. We were just four of us: GF, TL, SH and me. The purpose was to collect snow algae for research. We started in Longyearbyen with Hans Lund and his ship Arctica. The trip lead us to Farmhamna, Prins Karls Forland, St.Jonsfjorden, onto Gaffelbreen, Signehamna, Fjortende Julibukta, Bjoernhamna, towards Walterfjellet, Amsterdamoeya, Hamiltonbukta, onto Makarovbreen, and back nearly passing 80 degrees North to Blomstrandhalvoeya, Ny Alesund (international research station), Farmhamna again, Colesbukta and back to Longyearbyen. We had some strong winds along the Atlantic coast, totally quiet water in some protected fjords, temperatures typically around freezing, but also up to 15 degrees C (one day only). We have hiked a bit on glaciers (...breen) and along the coast. The general impression was: this is a very quiet piece of land. We met people at Longyearbyen and Ny Alesund, saw one single ship in the North (from the distance) that's all! In terms of anilmals it was emptier than I thought. Most seabirds had left alredy at that time of the year. We could still spot some seagulls, skua, terns, plovers, puffins, murres and petrels. Near the glaciers were some seals, once a couple of belugas, polar foxes and wild reindeer in numbers. After all, I got to know my mates very well, and the smell of their socks, too... I was taking a number of photos, as there was enough time. Some of them large panoramas which I stitched together. Have a look.