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United States
Lets see, I love to travel and photograph nature both flora and fauna. I did not have the best equipment an old 35mm and a 1mp kodak digital up to a few months ago, I just bought a Nikon D90. So most of my old uploaded photos on here are a bit handicapped. I am currently a wildlife biologist working in California on various evnironmental remediation projects. Went to Colorado State University. I grew up in New Jersey where my Mom still resides. My family is originally from Queens, NYC but now they dispersed along the east coast. Some still in NYC area others by Philly and others in DC. I love the east coast especially the mixed forest and the hardwoods and most of all in the fall when the maples, oaks and birches colors shine through. Although I enjoy the west and the mountains. I am an animal and nature fanatic, hoping to protect and manage endangered species once I find a job with a federal or state wildlife agency. I also love to travel and have been known on numerous occasions to just get up and leave for an excursion to a remote camping site in the middle of nowhere or to a friendly foreign country such as mexico.
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Canon Elan II, Kodak DC215 1MP, Miranda, Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-105mm, Sony CyberShot P93

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