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My name is Debdeep and I am from Kolkata. Presently I am working in a BPO in New Delhi. Photography was always my dream and passion but I never got an oppurtunity to learn this art, however I was keen and interested to try myself. I always admired nature since I love trekking and travel frequently. The love for nature and art provoked me to pick up my camera and capture the beauty of this world. I don't know any technical aspects of photography, however whatever pleases my eyes and soul, I like to capture it and present it too others so that they can also feel the beauty which might have caught my imagination. I have been watching Trekearth for past couple of months and I have noticed all great works by other members of this site and would really like to learn something from them. This site inspired me to post my own pictures. I used a normal Kodak KB10 camera and my mobile to capture pictures, but after learning few things I was inspired to purchase a digital camera. Now I am using a 4 MP Canon power shot camera. I have just started learning from this site and would appreciate critics and valuable suggestion from all members of TrekEarth to improve my photography. I am keen to learn this art and any help from other members will be appreciated.
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