Photographer's Note

After more than 2 month of permanent frost it seems as if winter has an end now - here in Central Europe.
Even the nights again are frost-free, birds are singing, huge flocks of cranes are flying northward and snow is melting appreciably.

Theses little heros yesterday came out of snow here. They already must have been "in the starting blocks" under the thick white blanket ...

These are Eranthis hiemalis (winter aconite, in German "Winterlinge"), a plant - growing from a small tuber - mainly to be found in southern Europe and Turkey. It belongs to the family Ranunculaceae, the buttercup family.
Since the second half of 16th century it has been planted as an ornamental plant is parks and gardens of castles from where it often spread out into the surroundings. Today winter aconite has become native also in some regions north of the Alps and also in Germany.

Still today it is particularly popular and so its tubers are exported by Turkey where it is gathered from nature in large scale. In order to preserve the natural stock of this plant Turkish government has decreed an export restriction of 6 million tubers a year.

A nice Sunday to all!

The picture was converted from RAW-format.

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