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Great emka 2019-08-23 15:09

Hello Jorge, This view from Bund I remember well. Impressive buildings and nice pink flowering trees. I have read your discussion with Gert. I agree with him, that some pp would be a good thing, very often your pictures ar rather pale, unsaturated. For you, there are memories behind them, but for the viewers, they are less attractive.
I read also your discussion about the difficulty with the English spoken in the different parts of the world. It is the case with other languages. Italian differs very much, Carlo can say from where the person is quite precisely. Ale german spoken in Styria or in Switzerland is difficult to understand. and what about Portuguese? I found this funny video:

Best regards Malgo

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Default To emka: portuguese


I would talk hours about this subject.
when my mother arrived in brazil (1957) she crossed the town where she was living asking in the shops for (camisolas for men) but in brazil camisolas are the transparent dress used by the women to sleep at night while in portugal camisola is a shirt used by men. then the vendors became to laugh and my mother couldn't understand the reason, then a portuguese friend told here the reason.

in portugal there are many different accents and the country is very small, some parts swap the B for the V when spelling. my state of paraná is double portugal in area and it has three different accents, each one came according with colonization.mine is a mix of portuguese of the conquerors (MEN) with the indian native tongue of the mothers who weren't able to speak some portuguese sounds and the sons (mix of portuguese and indians) created my accent.

the accent of RIO is very chic and arrogant for us because the imperial portuguese court was there for some decades.

the accent in deep southern brazil has deep roots in spanish culture that are around that region. in southern paraná the immigrants from italy, germany, poland or ukraine transformes the portuguese language according with their tongues and their sons talked with a typical accent and weren't able to say the double R.

I remember a friend of mine in the school, his family came from south and he learned how to talk with his mother and I was surprised with his accent, hes asked me to use my rubber (BORRACHA) but he asked (BORACHA) as his mother, few time after he was talking like me.
there are much more but I should to stop because I don't want to bore you.
nowadays our powerful TV created the Brazilian pattern, a clean accent that is creating an uniform accent.

*accent of former portuguese colonies sound for us like a portuguese accent with errors and not so sophisticated.*

take care


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Hi Jorge, Thank you. I am not bored, quite in contrary, this is for me fascinating. Before going to Brazil a few years ago, I listened on Youtube the lessons of Brazilian. I find the melody very beautiful, unfortunately, I had not so much occasions to speak to natives, and by now I forgot almost everything . Strange, borracho in Spanish means drunk, like Palo borracho is the tree with the beautiful pink flowers , very popular in South America. So, write the critiques to my photos in Portuguese (Brazilian), it will be fun for me. and I will understand - we have Google translate . Portuguese is the seventh most popular language in the world, with 220 milions native speakers.
Kind regrads Malgo
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