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Great plimrn 2011-08-23 23:24

Ciao Donato,
It is sad to look a place that was a beautiful holiday respite and realize that it has been destroyed. I posted this picture of Corfu after I realized that a lovely olive grove had been destroyed by much worse to think that the destruction was deliberate.

I must admit that when I heard of riots in Greece and England, I have had empathy for the rioters. I am so angry about the total unresponsiveness of our political system. In the US, corporations and the richest pay no taxes, banks receive huge bailouts and then turn around and give huge bonuses to their CEOs, but pensions and what little medical care is available MUST be cut. People have no jobs, lose their houses, and unions are being destroyed; then pundits wonder why there is no recovery. There is no recovery because those benefiting from current policy don't spend money or provide job opportunities.

Since I don't watch television, my news comes from the New Yorker and what catches my eye on the internet. Your link led me to reconsider my POV somewhat, I read a Wikipedia article, which pretty much supported your view. Still I keep comparing reports in the general media, owned by those who lobby for more cuts to what they term 'entitlements,' to what is being reported by the independent media like Truthout, and I find little relationship between the two.
SAJ, Pat

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Default To plimrn: empathy

Hi Pat,

I'm just back from the boat... the heat here in town is unbearable!

It's good to hear your views about America, it was since the '70 that I didn't have the opportunity to meet American people who were somewhat "leftist". I thought that was and extinct species! (:-)

The subject is complex and it takes too long to be discussed here, I have to say that I was carried away emotively, however I have had two sources of information: (apart from the Italian media) the BBC web site an my daughter.
My daughter lives in London since two years now and works for Amnesty international International Secretariat. She gathered information from the English media and from English friends. The rioters passed about 300 m from her house and she spent an awful night awake hearing the sirens and all the sounds of the events...

You can't associate Greek rioters to the ones in England, they are a completely different phenomenon. The riots in England had nothing to do either with racism (as it was believed in the first instance) nor political.

I could not find Truthout which you mention, the link brings me to my yahoo email account!

I think it's enough for now, and for this site, and I'm in urgent need of a good shower!

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