To macjake: NIKON strap

  • Apparently it's a NIKON strap for the umbrella but the umbrella has a RED ring, so. it could be a CANON object!......
    I suppose he attached a NIKON strap to his umbrella, I don't think that NIKON or CANON are selling umbrellas.. Please check!!!

    Or it's a special lens,who knows!!!
  • Canon umbrella.......
    Hi Claude & Craig,

    Yes, Canon do sell their very own umbrella - see here!

    But for you guys, you can also get umbrellas from Nikon.

    Unfortunately Pentax don't seem to do much merchandise (and certainly don't do umbrellas) but you can get a lovely Pentax T-shirt here!


  • Umbrella.....
    Super John!
    Amazing brand names marketing!
    But the CANON has no red ring close to the straight handle, so I should be right in my note!