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Great willperrett 2014-06-30 13:00

Hello Andrew

Welcome back! While sunsets are not exactly rare on TE, this is an exceptional example, and well worth posting. I'm not sure if that's a figure silhouetted in the foreground, but I hope it is!



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Default To delpeoples: My little cute friends...

Ciao cara Lisa,

Yes, I think I do have a certain affinity for these cute little fellas. The trouble is that they are being persecuted by the spread of the much larger and more aggressive grey squirrels and their numbers are declining here. I think the grey ones came from America and they're now considered vermin in this country. They compete with the native, smaller red squirrels for food and they also carry a virus called, appropriately enough, squirrelpox, to which they are immune but to which the red squirrels are susceptible and from which they can die.

According to Malgo, they don't see grey squirrels in Poland and the red ones are very tame there too - she says they regularly come into her garden in Warsaw and they can take food from your hand. That's certainly not the case here - they are very, very skittish and will scarper as soon as you make any movement or noise.

Unfortunately I've read that the grey ones are now making inroads into northern Italy as well as other parts of Europe. Here, because they are considered vermin, if you catch a grey squirrel in a trap, you are duty bound to kill it. In fact, a while ago a few rather adventurous restaurants were serving up grey squirrel on their menus - and it apparently didn't taste half bad at all.

Thank you for your very kind remarks about this picture. I'm not actually sure if TE is the place to post this sort of picture really. I do have a TN account - as well as a TL one - but for some reason or other, I've not been active on them for about three years or more. Do you have TL or TN accounts? I know that Luciano and Silvio both have TN accounts and regularly post pictures of their beloved lepidoptera. Perhaps I should be a little active there from time to time - just a matter of finding the time!

I trust that you are well and I hope that work has perhaps quietened down just a little too!

Kindest Regards e un abbraccio,

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