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Old 11-02-2012, 11:57 AM
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I remember well the thread about Akita, specially this part:
"I must recognize that I did not read the note, "just clicking a flower away" "

I wonder, if it was the only time that the image was removed by just clicking a flower, a pet, .... away. I wrote a letter to Akita, he didn't answer. I was very sad as he was a nice gentle guy.

I think that one has a right to tell about the reasons of leaving the site, temporary or not. Then we know at least he/she is well and there is no worry that for instance is ill. It also happens. And there is no embarassment when after some time he/she wants to return.
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Old 11-02-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by pablominto View Post
Then I realized I was dealing with the lesser gifted here, and eventually left the site.
Says who??
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Old 11-02-2012, 01:18 PM
delpeoples delpeoples is offline
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Post Australian Guy

Well dear Pablominto

Firstly, to refer to someone by their race ("to the Australian guy") rather than their name on a site like this, is so childish, I actually wonder why I'm bothering to respond to you at all. If it's meant as some kind of racist put-down, you failed dismally. You don't sound "gifted" as you call yourself, just plain nasty.

Secondly, I am not a "guy", I'm female. I would have thought that the name Lisa would have made that obvious.

Thirdly, and most importantly. The Japanese Tsunami and nuclear accident were an international disaster: countless dead, countless injured, countless homeless and a nuclear fall out that the world may never recover from. And you leave a photo site because you're not happy about a photo being accidentally deleted. Don't you think your actions are just a little bit petty in hindsight? Are you really still angry over such a small thing that happened such a long time ago?

If you insist on staying on TE, don't you think it would be better proposing something constructive and positive for the site? Just chiming in with nasty comments about TE mods, members and the site in general is really unproductive and makes you seem like a really unpleasant person. I'm sure you're not like this in real life, so why behave like that here?

And if you don't want to stay on TE, why don't you just go, and leave us all in peace?

Jeez, you've driven me to drink, good night.
Lisa (that very proud Australian girl)
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Old 11-02-2012, 01:55 PM
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Default Farewell, Pablo?

I am sorry to appear to be keeping this often ugly thread going, but...

Originally Posted by pablominto View Post
This is for you australian guy, just to get things right, I did not leave TE because I had an image deleted, I’ve had many images removed up through the years and couldn’t care that much.
Just to get things right, Pablo, if it's me you are referring to, since I seem to be the only Australian male on this thread, I didn't say or even imply that you left TE because you had an image deleted, nor did I criticise you for leaving. I well remember your announcing your departure and the reason for it.

Maybe some of you remember the tsunami hitting northeast Japan some time ago, killing almost 20.000 people? One of our fellow TE members living in that area posted an image in memory of his fellow countrymen and neighbours, an image that was deleted by a TE moderator and she didn’t even understand what she had done…
But Viviane did come very quickly to regret her mistake, and to apologise in a forum, admitting she was 'deeply ashamed'. Your words are hollow.

If you read my post carefully, I said
I don't try to exonerate present or past moderators for errors of judgment that may have been made

Contrary to what you say, moderators do recognise their capacity for making errors of judgment and other mistakes. As Benny has said, 'no one is perfect'.
Some members would like to make those mistakes into hanging offences.

Then I realized I was dealing with the lesser gifted here, and eventually left the site.
'Lesser gifted' than whom... Pablo?

As if there were any doubt. You give yourself away!

As I said, do continue attacking me if that makes you feel better!
if that makes you feel better??! For heaven's sake, this is how petulant children talk.

The only thing I criticised was the fact that after supposedly leaving TE, you and Joel crudely exploited a good post from Malgo to lash the moderators and blame them entirely for whatever woes you observe on TE.

Sure, the moderation and the TOS have no doubt caused some members, like yourself, to leave - whether justified or not - but there's enough evidence in this thread that other members think there are various reasons for the decline in photo uploads - which was the topic of the original post by Malgorzata. What I was trying to show is that the same kinds of problems surely affect photofolia, and probably the other sites you have tried out. Maybe I didn't do a good job of that because I was angered by your denigration of the mods.

You may have left TE because of a moderator's action, but surely there were different reasons why you left photofolia or other photo sites. You could acknowledge the reasons and stop pretending they don't affect members of TE as well.

you don’t even realize there is a problem.
Untrue; I acknowledged the the existence of a problem. In fact I said
Finally, perhaps the site itself does need some changes, and constructive suggestions would go a lot further to improve the site than absurdly blaming the Moderators for everything.

The trek system needs a thorough reorganizing, with new brushes all over
True; TE and the other sites badly need rejuvenation and reorganisation. TL and TN in particular look tired, old-fashioned and alienating and they aren't integrated effectively with TE. The categories of photos and the TOS should be discussed and updated. New ideas need to be injected. I hope the members have some good ones.

Pablo, if you don't have anything constructive to offer the forums, please make good, belatedly, on the announcement of your departure. Goodnight and goodbye.

Edit: Lisa, I think he was referring to me. I'm sure the epithet 'australian guy' is, in Pablo's mind, the worst of all insults, but I don't mind! Your contributions are appreciated.

Last edited by macondo; 11-02-2012 at 02:11 PM.
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Old 11-02-2012, 02:06 PM
delpeoples delpeoples is offline
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Post Australian Guy

Hi Andrew

At first thought it was you he was referring to. But then, as you say, it was not you who mentioned him leaving the site because of the deletion of a photo - it was me.

Anyway, my comment doesn't change, whoever he means.

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Old 11-02-2012, 02:20 PM
macondo macondo is offline
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Ok, thanks Lisa, but I can't see where you have said he left for that reason (too late at night?), and I am still a 'guy' as far as I know. He likely just assumed I had said it, if you didn't. Anyway, I've made a small amendment to my post.
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Old 11-02-2012, 03:29 PM
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Default Don't Slam the Door!

Hello All - This has turned into a very 'lively' thread and what started out as a good talking point seems to have been high-jacked by a man (Pablo) who hasn't posted either a photograph or critique for about 10 months. This is not the only site he has had issues with, I see he 'shut the door' at Photofolia too. My feelings are that he just cannot bend in the wind and he ends up as the person most affected by all this! For the life of me, I cannot understand how someone can still be locked into anger at TE after almost a year. Surely there are more serious issues in the world to get angry about.

TE will continue, people will come and people will go but at the core there are many committed members here. Some come for friendship, others to hone their photographic skills, others because they are interested in the world. A mixed group from all corners of the earth, that's good. On a personal level I have gained far more than I have given. Far off lands have been opened up to me, cultures, landscapes, traditions the list is endless. My knowledge of the world has expanded (and my geography is certainly better!).

My love for photography has been given direction and inspiration, my confidence has increased. What a pleasure! And many members have become 'cyber-friends'. All this for free; makes you think doesn't it?

Andrew, I agree with you that the site needs an update/face-lift. Perhaps you could start a thread dealing with things like 'user-friendliness', 'attractiveness', 'genres and categories' etc. Personally, I think there is a case for combining all three TE sites into one and broadening the genres. Just a thought.

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Old 12-19-2012, 07:29 AM
maloutim maloutim is offline
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Dear Rosemary,
Your conclusion to the thread was a very comprehensive one, and I agree with all you have said.
One thing I would like to add is that the numbers of posted photos might drop, but they are still too many for me to review :-))
What should be remembered is that there are also a lot of WS posted, either as a try to improve originals, or as additional photos. And there are the re-post which are not used very often, but still an option.
TE might have slowed down, due most probably to the emergence of many other sites, but so far, I have read nobody saying that they found better anywhere, especially where the comprehensive side is concerned :
-- Technical, photographic skills.
-- Learning about the world through photography.
-- Interaction within an international community of friends, through Internet or in reality.

Last edited by maloutim; 12-19-2012 at 07:36 AM.
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Old 12-21-2012, 09:25 AM
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Default TE my first love

The Trek sites were my first love, so to speak and I am still attached to TE although not posting and critiquing as much as I once did. Mostly its to do with time. Now there are so many more ways to spent leisure time online. I'm daily on facebook and on twitter. Sometimes post to flickr too.And then there are all sorts on interesting blogs. The thing about FB and twitter is that I am able to interact with people about lots of different interests; photography, politics, art, books etc. TE does seem just a little less interesting in comparison. I would love for TE to have more activities organised for or by members. A scav hunt would be good for a start. Quality critiques would be good too as this can be both a discipline and a pleasure.It's a pleasure to read good critiques of not only ones own photos but those posted against other members' photos. Perhaps what we need is what I believe is termed web 3, already mentioned on this thread. A way to link our interests, feeds to facebook etc.I believe TE has a fb page but does it do much? Will have to check that out tonight. I have recently started a FB page named "Cafe Society" where members post links to fave cafes (as a positive response to the Starbucks controversy). Members are invited to post photos of their fave cafes. Just now there is a photo scav hunt with a Christmas theme. It would be interesting if there were links to such pages on FB and TE.
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Old 12-23-2012, 06:02 PM
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Unhappy Where has good critiques gone?

I agree with Stefano. The good qritgues are vere scarce nowadays so people don't learn here as much as it was possible a few years ago. Unfortunately not everybody liked good and constructive crtiques and many of the best critics have left the site.

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