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Great holmertz 2019-03-09 1:09

Hello John,
I see you were inspired by Luciano's contribution yesterday. What a great coincidence that you had a similar photo. Undoubtedly his photo is technically better than this, but I think this statue is artistically more interesting than his, so that makes you equal. But I wonder if it was the artist's intention to dress her up like this, or if she was originally nude but dressed on demand by "moral guardians".
Kind regards,

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Default To holmertz: Thank you, Gert!

Thank you, Gert, for your kind and encouraging remarks yet again!

Of course, you're absolutely right - I saw Luciano's excellent photograph and that spurred me into looking through my very poor pictures from 2001. I still can't quite understand why I chose to take several rolls of cheap film which I had never tried before - that was a very stupid mistake.

Like yourself, I'm not sure if this lady was supposed to be clothed or if it was the artist's intention that she stood here naked. I've tried to look for a bit more information about this particular place where we stayed in the Kirindy Forest but reliable information is pretty sparse. I have found this photograph from 2015 which I am certain is of the same statue with the same hut behind it. The hut is in far better condition than it was in 2001, the ground is less cluttered and even the crude fences are new. Also, if you look at this page and scroll through the images near the top by clicking "next", you will see a head and shoulders picture of what I believe is the same statue: unfortunately I think that the map farther down that page is very inaccurate - the Kirindy Forest is much nearer the west coast of the island and only about 50 kilometres inland from Morondava which lies on the west coast. I also managed to find another picture amongst some TripAdvisor images which you might be able to find here.

I hope those links worked! But now a question for you! More than ten years ago I posted what I thought was an interesting upload to Treklens. I was quite pleased that the moderators did not at that time think fit to remove it. I thought that this curious and erotic "funerary art" was quite remarkable: we found this little tomb just two or three hundred metres from this statue in the surrounding forest. I thought that perhaps a little triptych of images might make an interesting upload for TE - but do you think that might cause offence or risk incurring the wrath of the moderators?

Thank you once again for your kind remarks!

Kind Regards,

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