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Great tyro 2016-01-30 6:13

Hello Ann,

How appropriate that you should post this picture and workshop at the end of a week which saw Robert Burns' birthday celebrated on Burns Night on 25th January!

I remember this place well though it's over 30 years since I last visited it. And, curiously enough, it was on that occasion that I saw my first and last "streaker" - a young fellow who jumped out from behind a tree waving his arms and shouting: it was a very cold day in November and so there wasn't a lot to see.

Anyway, I digress, as always. This is a beautiful photograph showing the burn tumbling in its course through the wooded narrow valley. I know very well how dark it can be here, so you have done extremely well to preserve some lovely light on the water, the rocks and the trees. Of course, present difficulties with TE (will they ever be resolved) stop our seeing your exif data (and I don't believe you took this at f/0.1) so I don't know your camera settings or whether you used a tripod.

Lovely soft light, gorgeous colours and excellent depth of field and sharpness.

Oh, and a lovely portrait of Robert Burns' statue too - I like his smart blue jacket and his camera - but who's that insignificant and rather stiff looking fellow on the left holding a book?


Kind Regards,


P.S. I'm pleased that I'm not the only one who is suffering so many problems here on TE. I've several times written a note to accompany a picture and, when I've hit the "update" button, the picture has appeared but the note has disappeared off somewhere the other side of Andromeda. So one trick I've learned (whether writing notes or even critiques or forum messages) is to copy all the text before clicking anything - that way if you lose the whole lot you can always just paste it all back into the box and try again.

I really do hope that these problems are resolved very soon otherwise so many more of our friends will ditch this site and that, in my opinion, would be a real shame. Unfortunately nothing much seems to be improving at the moment.

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Default To tyro: Aberfeldy

Thanks John especially for your amusing comments as ever.
As you will have realised this was taken before our TE meet in 2013. The photo looks a little less bright on the TE page than I thought it would but then as Lisa once said TE has become rather 'beige' in many respects. This photo has actually had some extra PP work done in TOPAZ. The plugins are rather fun and suit some pics better than others. It does some quite respectable HDR-like effects and works seamlessly with Photoshop. It works very well with rusty cars so I might post one soon.
Kind Regards, Ann
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