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Good Manamo 2015-04-27 8:07

I love your photography and general and I love aerial photography, so this one should be very appealing to me...I always find that aerial shots are the one that either subtly include an element that gives a sense of height and scale, or that are just like a good abstract painting. For me, this one does not do it. I mean, obviously this one falls into the astract composition, but I don't think it works.
And I agree with Praetzer that the colors are rather flat, most likely due to flat lighting. His workshop does it for me,
I know instead of pointing out the ones I don't like, I should be pointing the ones I like. But I believe we should all expect honest feedbacks from a site like this one and I hope you don't take it too badly.I could easily name dozens of pics I like from you...
See you,

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Smile To Manamo: Critique

Dear Marc

Thanks for your critique, it's good to see you back. I don't agree with all you say, but thank you for taking the time to write it. I particularly don't agree with the need for something to be included which gives a sense of scale. That completely flies in the face of the notion of abstract. I also don't agree with over-contrasting or over-saturating images, as has been done in the WS. It destroys the softness and subtlety of the subject and bears no resemblance at all to reality. If this were an arty type website and not a Travel/landscape website, I'd consider doing what the WS suggests. But it isn't. As I said to Alfred, I suppose it's a matter of taste.

Thanks again for your time, have a lovely day

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Hi Lisa,
I understand what abstract is and I realize when re-reading myself that the sense of my idea was lost in the translation. Sorry about that. I meant, for me, when it comes to aerial photography my taste goes to either abstract art or to a photo that gives a sense of height. an abstract photo does not have to include anything to give a sense of height...I get that. This photographer has both types :
Anyway, art lights different emotions in all of us, which makes it so awesome.
Have a good day,
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Smile Can I Borrow A Zebra?

Hi Marc

Thanks for your response -and the link to that bloke's photo website. His photos are pretty special, aren't they? Can't lend me a zebra or 25 can you?

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