To mcmtanyel: Brest Lane

  • Hi Murat,
    So you have a "Brest Lane" in your neighbourhood !!
    Now it could also be named after Brest-Litovsk in Belarus. The two are often mistaken.
    I wonder why that lane is named so ! After a French character who participated in the colonisation long ago ?
    Or after a Belarusian who left its mark somehow ?

    You would be surprised about the origin of the name here! Yes a lot of anglophone people find this name a little weird !
    Well, the military port was founded on a "rocky spur" on account of its strategic position at the end of "Brest Roads", and at the mouth of the river Penfeld. "Rocky spur" in Viking is "Brjost", which is also the word for "breast". The port WAS conquered by the Vikings for some time during the 10th century !
    Thanks for your interest.
    Kind regards.
  • What a convoluted world we live in! From Vikings to French to English, making the full circle back to a homonym of its original meaning!