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  • A referendum ?

    Yes… A referendum …

    Let's vote, folks. Let's have some fun. Let's vent out our feelings and our frustrations, and our opinions - safely and in a very democratic way.


    What could be simpler and truer?

    Just a simple question and even simpler answer: Yes or no.

    "but, if, however, nevertheless, even though, on the other hand, nonetheless " - not accepted.
    No jumping to each other throats. Cold and calm: YES or NO

    Simple to the bone - YES or NO.
    I know… I know… It won't change ( probably ?) - anything, yet… What the heck - let's try… Let's give a shot.

    <B>Do you want the site's previous version back ?"</B>

    No explanation needed, no elaborating upon, no long tirades, no 'what if'…

    Simple mathematics.
    How many <B>Yes</B> against how many <B>NO</B>. Let's count the voices.

    Just for fun, just to know the truth.

    <B>Do you want the site's previous version back ?"</B>

    Well… ?
    But what is the opinion of Mr. Grabarczyk? Is that a "tak"?

    Advantages of the old site: fast, user-friendly (easy to use, clear links, good font size), functional -> it encourages participation and interaction, it's fun, it's addictive

    Advantages of the new site: nicer look, photo quality better, points are not displayed (encourages more thoughtful critiques and more attention to less popular photos/members, and that's good), it's not addictive (this can be a good thing, after all)

    I don't care about advertising, and I understand that

    In the beginning the new site was a complete disaster, but now I can live with it. Having said that, I still prefer the "old one" (so that's the "YES" to your question). It would have been possible to improve the look of the old site, and avoiding the display of points in its main gallery, without all the trouble of a new site.

    But the new site is here to stay, it seems, and the best course of action is to give it the functionality and "user-friendly" capabilities of the old site. I hope so.

    We'll always have a traditional version of TE in www.trekearth.pl, after all I believe everyone here has already learnt some basic Polish.
    Just a simple question and even simpler answer: Yes or no.

    "but, if, however, nevertheless, even though, on the other hand, nonetheless " - not accepted.
    No jumping to each other throats. Cold and calm: YES or NO

    God help me, please....
    PLEASE !

    Hi George, don't you know how difficult it is sometimes to give a simple answer to a simple question? ;)

    QUESTION: "Do you want the site's previous version back ?"
    ANSWER: "YES!"

    <i>yes</i> and <i>no</i>

    keep smiling, george ... bless you!

    teodora ;o)
    A referendum?????
    A referendum is only as good as the number of it's participants. Only a small minority do participate, and dare express their views, so at the end, what have we learn more.....ABsolutly NOTHING.

    You are so wrong. We had a strike last December, which worked.

    The question was YES or NO. You failed to answer it, therefore you have contributed ABsolutely NOTHING.

    Open your own tread and troll about anything you want in there...

    Please, buddy boy...
    Pretty please...

    ¡SI! - YES!

    I'll still use the beta version as long as I can....
    Well, yes and no.

    On the one hand, the old site was clearer and simpler; on the other hand, the new site does allow the owner to earn some money from ads. Since we use the site for free, we aren't in a position to complain about ads (which is not going to stop me from complaining about the moving ads - those are inappropriate for a site whose raison d'etre is to have people study a still, visual object).

    I do have the following problems with the new site, all of which can be fixed:

    1) There is no direct way to get to my overview page, as was possible with the old site. I now have to go to my pictures or critiques first, and from there to overview. The account pull-down menu should have a link to the overview (as a web designer myself, I know that's one a trivial fix).

    2) There is no obvious path to the overview management page. I got there once by accident, and haven't been able to get back.

    3) Discussions about a photo are not listed on the photo page. That means that, generally, the only people who get to participate in the discussion are the person who took the photo and the person who started the thread. I have joined in a couple of discussions only because I noticed the + sign in some person's critique and got curious what he/she had to say.

    At one time, I thought that not having the points in the thumbnails was a mistake, but the argument upthread that this gets people to pay attention to more photos was persuasive.

    As for my other points, now that I have vented here, I'll see if there is some thread that the administrators read where I can post them. Or I may send an email.

    If these get fixed, then I vote to keep the new site. They will anyway.