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  • Re: Uploaded a cover in TL

    this is my creation for the TE Cover Book, you can see it here

  • Re: Uploaded a cover in TL
    Please see it another here.

  • Playing is FUN... another uploaded version
    You guys are simply having too much fun... so I decided to play along and throw together another version. Clearly I have too much time on my hands! ;-)

  • this project surely is a lot of fun!
    wow, many covers already, hard to decide!

  • One slight modification...
    On the suggestion of a person who commented on the first version I posted at TL, I added a slightly modified TE logo. You can check out this version HERE.

    The black bands are not part of the cover as proposed.
  • Another concept ?
    Another concept proposed see theme
  • Re: Another concept ?
    Yes, indeed, another concept. Ideas seem to be swirling in the air. I've posted another version as well. You can check it HERE.
  • Re: Another concept ?
    I feel as though I'm talking to myself... Where is everybody?????

    I've posted one further book cover design at TrekLens. You can see it HERE!

    Comments welcome, though these are all works in progress, grist for the mill for this entire process.
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    It is indeed tempting to take the "collage" approach, (judging by early drafts) giving a taste (in miniature) of all the goodies that are inside. But I would take a different approach - select just one , absolutely stunning picture, that all participants can agree on, and highlight it. The message: this is a high quality publication and there's plenty more like it inside... What do others think?
    Regards, Francis
  • Re: Single Photo Cover
    It seems to me we're in a period of ferment where ideas are being considered but a decision hasn't been made as to whom exactly this book is targeted, a general audience or for the TrekEarth community itself. I've thought of the yearbooks that were published each year when I was a high school student. Each book chronicled events for this particular set of students. I received three, one for each year of senior high school. When I read about folks putting a date on the book, it seems closer to that model. Folks are talking about printing a thousand copies. Such a limited production run of books would hardly permit distribution beyond the community. I doubt we can find a publisher who would bear the costs of a major production aimed at the general public. IF this effort is targeted for the community, it seems we would wish to offer the best the community has to offer and as much of it as possible, so the largest number of members can see their work in print. I believe this latter goal would be served with a cover that is a montage of photos rather than a single photo, no matter how fine it is.

    These are some random thoughts on the matter Francis. Perhaps to further the discussion you would like to create a cover demonstrating what you have in mind. As they say, a "picture is worth a thousand words." ;-)

    I'd love to see more conversation on this important topic, but so far the members have been otherwise occupied...