TE meeting at Istanbul

  • Needless to say, we've enjoyed a lot at our previous TE meetings, so now it’s time for a new TE meeting .
    On 19th February, 2010, a Romanian group ,of course all TE members will arrive in Istanbul for a meeting with our TE friends from Turkey
    During the weekend, 20-21 February 2010 we will visit many locations, some very well known , and some real secret jewels :), of course together with all TE members who will join us.

    So, come on out and join us for this fun meeting.
    The plan is to meet at 10 am(local time) on February 20th, 2010, in front of the Blue Mosque. We’ll shoot around there for at least 1/2 hour, allowing any late-comers to wander in and catch us. It should be not an easy walk, since there are so many interesting monuments, museums etc, but for sure we will have a fun time.
    I have to mention that we made the reservation at Seres hotel,in the old part of the city, a nice hotel placed enough close from all most important tourist attractions in Istanbul. The rooms are nice and the restaurant offers a superb panorama of the city .

    From Romania will participate at this meeting Stefan,my husband, Anes,my sister,Johannes,Iulian ,Teo , Ioana, Cristina and her husband Florin, and a few more which still didn’t send the confirmation 100% .

    Anyway in the first day(19th February, 2010) for sure we will visit some places and we will try some blue hours and night shot maybe from Galata Tower…this is for you Didier :)
    Soon I will publish here more details, still waiting to see how many Turkish TE members will join us and I really hope to see my old friends , Mesut bey ,Deniz , Korkut ,Ahmet ,
    Mali , and Yagmur and with their help to finish a program schedule for our trip .

    Don’t hesitate to contact me via email if you need more information.
  • Re: TE meeting at Istanbul
    WEEEEL, I come. From Bucharest i have one train to Istambul what are go on 13:00 PM ( ORIENT EXPRESS )
    But i chose to come with my friends :)
  • Re: TE meeting at Istanbul
    yellooooo...i'm sure will be a great meeting..like all TE meetings !!!!!
  • TE meeting
    ...so my sister ask me to tell everybody here on TE that i will be one of the members that participate on this meeting on Istanbul...so here i am .....I GO ALSOOOOOOOOOOOO....because it will be the best time ever .....
    see you there my friends
  • and I come also, see you all there, my friends!
  • I am so sorry. It's not possible for me to join you this time.
    I wish you a pleasant meeting.
  • Hi friends!!
    Hummmm...No possible for me this time, anyway I wish you a very pleasant time in this magic and lovely city that I´ve captured so many times, and I would like to be again...one more time...

    Enjoy the city and bring us back great captures...

    Hugs for everyone...

  • i guess
    this is not possible to me neither..i .but my heart is together with you and there...
  • I'm so sorry, but it's not possible for me to join. But I will com to Istanbul for a 5-day organized trip from 26th to 30th of May. So I will see your beautiful town
    have a nice time,