To siudzi: Special Request

  • Thanks for your nice comment Gosia.

    The first day I visited the museum, there was thousands of people inside, and a queue of at least 200 hundreds people waiting outside (it was a school holiday).

    So I asked to meet someone from the media department, told her that I was working for a magazine and asked the permission to arrive 15 minutes before the opening the next day so I could use my tripod.

    UK people are exceptionally tolerant and cooperative, and I am fully aware that I couldn't had access to such an institution in every countries. I always take a chance and ask hotels or building managers to get access to their rooftop, or people's apartment to shoot a landmark across the street and so on.

    The first time I have been to the Taj Mahal, I was there by myself on a Friday morning, in exchange of a couple of rupees...

    Have a nice Sunday too!