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Great InasiaJones 2014-02-23 11:33

Hi Brenda,

I've been to New York in February, while there was not a single trace of snow... So indeed, this must have been a brutal winter (from your wussy standards... :-p))

This improvised piano recital isn't the usual performance one can expect at Madison Square Park, so this inspired walk was perfect to capture this quirky moment. Interesting point of view to frame the pianist and his spectators.



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Default To InasiaJones: Wussy New Yorkers :-)

Hello André,

It's not really the snow that's making things so bad - it's the aftermath of the snow! I don't know how lots of snow is handled up in Canada, but it MUST be better than how it's handled down here. After a few storms there was a suspension of garbage pick-up, with trash piling up everywhere. Parking spaces are mountains of ice, and there have been about 8,000 new potholes in the past few weeks!

Do cities in Canada actually cart away excess snow and clean things up? That would be great!!

Have a good day!
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Default Of snow and potholes

Dear Brenda,

It is exactly because you are not usually exposed to intense and serious snow storms that you are not properly equipped to face them...

You might not be aware about that, but New York's news and events are parts of everyday life of many Montrealers, first because we have a radio correspondent permanently based in NYC, reporting every mornings, and a lots of us are watching Good Morning America or the Today Show.

So the problem with NY is that considering the little amount of snow that you usually receive, it can't possibly justify a fleet of specialized equipment, so garbage trucks are transformed into snowplows, with more or less efficiency.

But on our side, considering our winter reality, we have an impressive armada of specially designed trucks that not only push the snow (graders), but also snow blowers that clean up the streets by removing the snow and projecting it into a dump trucks following side by side. We also have sidewalk snowplows that are getting into action as soon as 2cm of snow hits the ground, other machinery that are spreading salt, and private entrepreneurs that own the same equipment to clean up private and commercial parking lots, shopping centers, gas stations and so on.

It costs millions and millions each time there is a snow storm, but we couldn't let the weather interrupts our everyday life - medical emergencies, schools, people commuting to work, commercial deliveries, the economy in general.

There is a real army of people working 24/7 when a major snow storm happens, with highways and major roads being the first to be cleaned up, up to the residential streets and backstreets that are taken care of by municipalities.

For every citizens, it's a well-known drill, as signs are being quickly installed on every streets about to be cleaned up, informing a couple of hours in advance which side of the roads will first be taken care of. Once warned, everybody have to move their cars on the other side of the streets or anywhere else there is parking available, otherwise the vehicles are towed just before graders and snowplows are arriving.

Although winters are harsher in the East - Quebec province and Maritimes (Toronto isn't as affected as we are, and in Vancouver, there's more rain than snow), we are a nordic country and we are equipped to face our conditions and it couldn't be otherwise.

Even though it's part of our reality and we are used to it, it is still an impressive parade to watch in action. Tourists and newly arrived immigrants are totally flabbergasted to witness this imposing display of road colossuses and deployment of dozens of monster trucks invading every streets, intimidated by their oversized dimensions, tensed by their revolving lights that flashes in every directions and on high alert with the sound of their roaring engines and strident beeping sounds when they are backing up.

And just like you, we have thousands of potholes, with the effect of water infiltrating cracks in the pavement, creating outbreaks when the weather drops and water turns into ice...

Have a look at this, a graceful metallic ballet of sheer beauty that worth a thousand words!!!... It's a well invested 5 minutes...

Thanks Brenda!

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