Performance issues after go live ?

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  • I was surfing on the old version just before the switch, now the new version is live and pages take ages to load, still some fine tuning required ?
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    sssslooooooooooooow here too.
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    according to my browser, communication with and other google sites (analytics, syndication) could be the reason for this.
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    Very slow here too... I prefer the old version.
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    Reeeeeeally slow here, too and I HATE the way the pictures are all squished together in the gallery and those obscenely large and overpowering ads to the side are a horrible distraction. I also don't like not being able to see the picture's title until it's opened. I have been switching back and forth with TE and TL and the old format is much easier on my eyes.
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    Excuse me, but... are we supposed to call THIS an improvement? The new design is a NIGHTMARE, a mix between total chaos and total confusion! On op of which : I understand someone's got to make MONEY MONEY MONEY, but this is simply awful!!! What once was TrekEarth has now been turned into a Travel Agency online... it's basically ONE BIG COMMERCIAL! WHY, WHY, WHY?
    I loved the way it was before, why do we always have to change what's nice and simple and works perfectly well!!!! WHY?????
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    This is crap.

    I have no other word for it. Not just because it is incredibly slow and full of bugs. But it is an advertisement site now, not a photography site.

    Well, that's the end of TE then?

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    Hi, Shelly!
    I'm with you! I HATE THE NEW DESIGN!!!! It looks DREADFUL and doesn't have JACK to do with photography, this is ONE BIG AD.... MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! Thank you so much, folks!
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    Hey, Fulvio,
    I agree. I have to wear glasses to read and now I have to SQUINT to see the photos and those &%#(**&^ ADS hurt my eyes. I don't know. I was perfectly happy with the previous format and so far? I think this one sucks.
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    So true, I can't see it easily either and I made that comment into the beta site forum but it seems to me that absolutely nothing changed based on the inputs which leads to the question of why bother pretending to include reviewers in the process?

    Aside from already having a head ache because of the site I find it slow and awkward to use.