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Great nwoehnl 2006-07-13 14:36

Cool shot, Curtis - I love the framing on this one, not only for the way in which the foreground and background car are ideally offset against each other, but also how the lines and arrows painted on the asphalt add this graphical interest to the shot. Nice 'bling' factor with all that polished chrome and metal. Also a great tech with the shallow DOF that the fast lens gave you, nice work.

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Default To nwoehnl: Fancy meeting you here!

I don't generally post this early in my day so I'm likely missing your presence on the board. Of course, I've not been posting much so that would contribute to the circumstance. I was in touch with Rinie both before and after your gathering, so I've followed those photos closely. Would that my life permitted me to participate in such a lovely occasion. Since travel is limited, I'm forced to use my discretionary income buying camera gear... ;-) I note that you've upgraded your equipment again as well. I think this is a natural part of the journey if one chooses to participate seriously.

I'm glad you appreciate this effort. After a year of shooting mostly landscapes I've caught the prime lens bug and am doing more urban, close up work. I wasn't specifically thinking about the lines in this image when I composed it, however, when I was checking my portfolio for images from that day I noticed the lines and decided I should post it. I'm not surprised you would notice such a detail and I'm pleased you took the time to post a critique. I hope you are doing well Norbert.
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Default Re: To nwoehnl: Fancy meeting you here!

Thanks Curtis. It is always a delight to see you around here, not least because you bring a distinctively human (humane, even) element to the community that sometimes gets lost as TE grows to unheard-of and unimagined proportions, member and photo-wise.

I'm doing well, hope the same holds true for you, too. I've caught the Japan bug after my first trip there this spring and am already planning the details for my return trip there this November.

Best wishes -
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Old 07-14-2006, 01:20 AM
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Default Re: To nwoehnl: Fancy meeting you here!

I saw some of those photos and read that you met Francis and some other TE members while visiting. My only visit to the Far East was a single month in India about ten years ago. It was a mind-boggling experience that remained with me for a long while. It is pretty clear from hanging out on TE that many Europeans and Americans become captivated with the exotic East. You are fortunate that you are able to travel as much as you do and that you can scratch that itch when it arises.

Always a pleasure Norbert.
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