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    "When that..." should read "Now that..." - sorry!
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    I received a link...which doesn't work:((((((
  • Font size for New Design
    Hi Adam & Co
    Presently 4152 members have looked up this thread about 'Beta testers'

    Of those who tested many complained of the new small font size. Also in other threads this is a common issue.

    With all the feed back and also as I refer at my page <b>TE Inside</b> you not only ignore the seriousness of this issue from the beta testers and/or other threads but you also ignore this wise recommendation from the guys behind <b>"World Wide Web Consortium"</b> who recommends this with regard to the font size at web pages:

    <i>"Size: respect the users' preferences, avoid small size for content.
    As a base font size for a document, 1em (or 100%) is equivalent to setting the font size to the user's preference. Use this as a basis for your font sizes, and avoid setting a smaller base font size
    Avoid sizes in em smaller than 1em for text body, except maybe for copyright statements or other kinds of "fine print."</i>

    It is for many of interest to have an answer: WILL YOU OR WILL YOU NOT CHANGE THE PRESENT SMALL FONT SIZE? (Reply from any admin is welcome)
  • Hi Adam - I'm an old member of TE and TL (13 December 2004) - I apologize but I have lost my user name (maybe gaby or gaby gobou) and my password for Treklens (I have the password for Trekearth) - Infortunatemy, I don't remember of my e-mail adress at this time (I think this is but I don't want to lost all my 102 photos on the site
    Can you send to me a new password for Treklens at the following e-mail adress : or
    Thank you very much