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    The "photomosaic" is used usualy for big works with big scale,at least for poster like for a movie,maybe you You have seen "The Truman Show" movie,the poster of the movie was in this way/style,and I love this poster,too!

    But,for a cover of a book,using a lot of mini pictures with a title,TE logo,...with notice to scale and size of a book,will make an eye confusing for viewer at first time that they see the book.

    Most of designers don't use photomosaic for a book usually.

  • we continue receiving suggestions for the cover
    We will prepare a list of all the options and we see later on a mechanism to choose the cover

  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    i have a suggestion on making the cover here..

    why dont we make a collage of some of the photographs which will be used inside of the book ? we can first print some of the photos which can be treated as a cover page and then we can tear( only a single print )them in an artistic way ( may be hand-torn ,a non-geometrical shape )and put together different photos.. and then compose it with a bigger resolution camera and then print them out as a single composition..

    I dont know wheather i could make it a sense.. just have a look here to get a better idea..i just dont say this is the correct one what im trying to say here.. but an idea though.. still this has got a geometrical shapes which i want to diminish totally rather introducing a non-geomatrical pattern by tearing out the photos and assemble together..

    Suggestions ??
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    extension to my earlier post..
    on the top of it.. The name of the book can be written.. my preference of font is BOOK ANTIQUA..even it can be written vertically.. strating from the bottom of the right corner of the book and goes upto the top right corner..

    and at the bottom horizontally the theme of the site.. " learning world ..."..

    im getting so excited for this project now.. Henk has just told me this.. i generally dont see this forum often..but reading all the threads im stading up from my chairs..
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    Thanx Sandip, good suggestion, anyone who is tempted to create a layout for the cover can post it to TL and put a link here, that would be nice.
  • Re: TE Book request
    Hello Henk,

    should we add these 2 links in our Intro Page ?

  • Uploaded a cover in TL
    I have uploaded a cover page in Treklens .

    Your sugesstions are welcome.
  • Re: Uploaded a cover in TL
    Plesae see this plan for cover in Treklens.

    Suggestions please:)

    Best Regards
  • Uploaded a cover in TL
    one more draft for the cover of TE Book to see on Treklens
  • Re: Uploaded a cover in TL
    All 3 creations look great, I must confess I prefer Henk's as it puts focus on the people behind, the photos can be found inside the book so maybe there's no need to have them again outside.
    But great work, congrats to all 3 of you :-)