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Old 03-15-2005, 09:15 PM
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Default How about a “Happy Birthday” page?

I Adam,

I’ve just remembered a small feature that could be quite nice for the members and I believe simple to implement. What about a field for the member to register his/her day of birth, and to create a “Happy Birthday” page featuring the name of the members who have their birthday in that day? It could be placed in the “Members” area or in another more visible place.

This way they could be greeted by other members, which is something good to reinforce friendships, and in a very simple manner highlight every member individually in one single day. Who knows, some members who receive less attention may be “discovered” by others this way and get as gift, besides the greetings, some feedback over his work?

Eventually, in the member intro page it could be added, by TE, a small banner signaling the event and greeting the member in name of TE and the community! I think this would be nice for who was visiting a known member to remember to greet him/her, if he would forget to go to the “Happy Birthday” page that day.

Of course the filling of this field would be an option, and in case it was filled it could be kept private. This way a member could be highlighted and greeted by others, without revealing the age. We know that ladies are usually quite sensible in this aspect… ;-)

I know it’s not a big feature in terms of site options, but could be quite nice for the community spirit.

This is open to suggestions or improvements, considering that it should be kept simple so it doesn’t represent a lot of work to Adam in case it becomes accepted.
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