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Great tyro 2019-02-11 1:00

Hi Mariusz,

By Jove, you have written a fabulously detailed and informative and comprehensive note, not just for Craig but also for anyone else contemplating a visit to these parts of Egypt. And I think your advice for would-be travellers should certainly be taken on board by anyone considering a holiday here - a holiday which could not only be relaxing and enjoyable but also very educational too.

But, I'm wondering, you were here twelve years ago in 2007 - do you think it would still be safe to travel these parts today? And would you take a young family these days?

Your photograph is of amazing quality and even more impressively so considering that it was taken with a considerably more basic camera than the one you now use. The light, contrasts and details here are superb.

A perfect presentation for TE!


Kind Regards,


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Default To tyro: safety

Hi John,
you are right: I discourage anyone from travelling to Middle East nowadays, in particular having an attractive female companion or with a family
I think a lot has changed.
I have done some extra trips in Egypt with my wife independently. For example rented a carriage in Luxor at night and went to some extra places or rented a boat or taxi in Luxor. People were staring at us then as being only tourists in some spots but I think they were kind and open.
Today I would not go there at all.
In fact I erased Middle East for an unforeseeable future from my list of places to go.
I didn't mention it in the first place because some people are laughing at me on TE saying that I am too careful.
Kind regards,
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Old 02-11-2019, 10:23 AM
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Default No laughing matter.....

Hi Mariusz,

Thank you for your reply! No, I certainly wouldn't laugh because safety should always be a priority, especially if you have family, especially young ones, with you when you travel. But, yes, I rather suspected that this would be your suggestion nowadays to avoid such places.

Actually, I was in Madagascar with one of my daughters (then in her early 20s) in 2001 and we never felt at all threatened - but a few years later there were reports of some tourists having been attacked and killed. Nowadays, however, things in Madagascar seem to have settled down a bit and I see that Luciano has recently been there and has had a wonderful experience and taken some fabulous photographs.

I think for anyone from Britain wanting to travel abroad it would be wise to look at the Foreign Office advice here

Take care.

Kindest Regards,

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Old 02-11-2019, 11:02 AM
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Hi John & Mariusz, dear friends,

... in particular having an attractive female companion...
Thanks for the good info and also a little bit for the laugh...
As Mariusz said, It is quite safe to take your “ugly partner” with you on travel ...

Lots of hugs for both of you,
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Old 02-11-2019, 11:48 AM
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Default Madagaskar (for John)

Luciano was just on the island for the tourists. Nothing special. My friend Grazyna visited Madagascar for the second time in summer 2018. She went there and traveled ALONE. see here what the places she visited (You can skip the text in Polish, just see the pictures). She went there especially to see the famadihana (
Probably, I wouldn't be so brave.
Best regards


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Old 02-11-2019, 12:37 PM
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I think you are more exposed to possible terrorists or any kinds of criminals if you travel in a group on a tour arranged by a tourism company. I always travel on my own, using local transports, and I have rarely felt unsafe anywhere. I am no longer much of a traveller these days, but theoretically I would gladly go to the Middle East, except of course for obvious reasons to Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen. But when I was in Yemen the country had a bad reputation for kidnappings of tourists (usually as a political pressure on the government, not intended to harm the tourists), but I avoided the worst area and stayed away from all travel companies, and I felt perfectly safe on all local buses and shared taxis.
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Old 02-11-2019, 01:53 PM
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I think times have changed a bit since the Arab spring or whatever they called it.
I don't think there is so much threat from the actual organized terrorists. It is now more about some crazy frustrated brainwashed people whose percentage may be higher than before.
I am not sure who was behind attacks in Tunisia or Nice/France or more recently in Morocco but although they called themselves terrorists I think they were exactly these crazy frustrated brainwashed people, who acted because they had opportunity, so I would be more afraid of this type of spontaneous action now than an actual terrorist attack. People are radicalized even in Europe (Brexit being an example as well) but in Middle East you are easy to be noticed especially with family or my wife dressing differently, I mean not wearing scarf, in fact not wearing much. So if you walk around a lot -you may be finally noticed by a frustrated brainwashed person


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