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  • Hello Viviane,
    While this subject is on the agenda again, could you please do me a favour? Several months ago I posted a photo from the Cote d'Ivoire but I could not enter the name of the city, which had not been shown before. The province is Vallée du Bandama, and the name of the city should be Bouaké. The photo's number is 1568593.
    Thank you,
    Gert Holmertz*
  • Hello Gert, it has been done...
  • That was fast, especially for a Saturday morning.
    Thank you so much,
  • And it is a special Saturday as well as TE member Beverley / RoyalDevon just came to hour home with her husband Len for the meeting we talked about a few months ago...

  • I recently posted a few photos from Petra, Jordan. It is a popular place, but now I discovered it's so popular that it seems to be located almost all over the country. In reality Petra is found in the province of Maan, but on TE it is also placed in Ajloun, Amman, Jerash, Karak, Madaba, Tafileh and Zarqa provinces.
    If Viviane or any other moderator would ever find a day with nothing better to do, moving all those Petra photos to Maan could be a way to keep busy for a while.
    Thank you,
  • Bonsoir Gert,
    All the locations have been corrected, thank you for pointing this out...

  • Thank you Viviane,
    I am absolutely convinced I could find many more similar mistakes. I'll keep in touch.
    Best wishes,
  • Quote:
    Hello Mariusz,
    I have cleaned up that mess...

    Greetings & Amitiés,
    Hi Viviane,
    there is still two versions: "Palma" and "Palma de Mallorca" which is the same thing. Can you merge it?
    Kind regards,
  • Hello Mariusz,
    It has been done...

  • Thank you!