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  • Re: wild west
    Why don’t you post some work, show us your skills, do some critiquing and maybe give some advice
    Rosie, I don't think you have to be a photographer to be a valuable member of TE, not even to be a member of TE. everybody can join TE and express his thoughts. I belive Alex know sth about photography and he interested in photography, maybe he doesn't take pictures, but it is ok. it is like saying that you cannot talk abot music if you are not a musician. I welcome Alex here. I wish he shares his knowledge with us writing some constructive critueqes and sharing his thoughts in forums. I guess Alex knows Dariusz - I'd love Dariusz joined TE.
    and I like pictures of both of them - Dariusz Klemens and Claude Renault. They are different, they treat the light differently - Claude takes pictures in any light, Dariusz seems to be more picky, waiting for the perfect light, Dariusz's compositions seems to be more classical, Claude is more rebelious.
    I don't know why this discussion went in that strange direction. It is not about who is better, photography is not a competition. they both are different photographers taking different pictures of the same country and being in love with that country... I don't see anything wrong with that.

    ok, good night.
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    Hmmm... maybe your right. I’ll have to think this over.
    Lets say you’re painting a picture and someone walks up and tells you to do this and this and this different and then proceeds to tell you aren’t really that good. I’d probably ask them to explain why they think that, and then ask why I should take their advice. If they then told me they were actually Monet himself and pulled out some water lilly pictures, I’d be more inclined to do whatever he said and I’d feel honored that he even took time to tell me I’m terrible. But if the person said, “Well, I’m a circus clown, but I know a thing or two about art,” I’d be more likely to tell them to leave me alone. Does that make any sense?
    As far as having to be a musician to talk about music, I think this is a little more than just a person listening to the radio and shouting out, “this song stinks!” That’s perfectly fine, but this was straight at the musician himself. It kind of seems a little different then.

    But then again, this is trekearth. Anyone can join, and everyone is free to the forums. So I’ll strike all mention of “valuable” and “invaluable” members- everyone is valuable, just some more credible. I hope Alex feels welcome here, but I’m still thinking that sometimes big talk does need back up.
    they both are different photographers taking different pictures of the same country and being in love with that country... I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Nothing wrong at all with that. I personally like them both as well. Thank you for providing such a beautiful link- the portraits are lovely.
  • Re: India by Dariusz Klemens
    Maciej, I see it completely differently:
    You went to India several times with Alex Webb at top of mind and you came back with some searingly moving and dynamic pics, part Salgado in color ;o), part Webb for the most part. And they are fabulous, and have been recognized by thousands of fans of yours worldwide, some of them ending up in a well nown magazine.
    This chap Klemens is talented sure but he's after a more obviously aesthetic view - HEAVY saturation, the compos themselves not earth shatteringly original or searching (mostly) and some use of color filters
    it looks like...
    If you had gone to India with Klemens crowsing your brain and tried to emulate him, we'd all be the poorer for it, my friend. Trust me. You did fine by following your star.
  • Re: India by Dariusz Klemens
    Hi ALex,
    Sorry for taking so long to get back, I didn't realize you had replied to me directly. And a very civil and cogent response it is too. Look, I can't get into the complications surrounding Claude's "departure", let's just say that it is shrouded in regret. As to where you might find his work - he is active and highly respected on both Flickr and pBase.
    I went to Klemens' own site and yes, many of his shots are stunning, though I think he cranks up the colors, and some of them seem to have a BLUE mask over them or sometimes MAGENTA. At his best he bowls you over just like the first time we saw Laurence of Arabia on the big screen. There is, quite simply, an epic sweep to his work.
    In contrast to him, Claude is scrupulously modest about color, erring on the side of accuracy and less rather than more. But time and time again his compositional sense, and deep compassion for his subjects have moved us here on TE. "Guru" is not the right word for Claude because frankly he is not that much of a teacher of critic, apart from saying that he liked the colors or the feel in one of your shots. No "guru" would have to go to someone like our friend Luko, who is absolutely a first rate teacher with a frighteningly broad erudition in all matters photographic, from composition to darkroom secrets.
    Perhaps that situates Claude a little better for you. He is an artist, a professional image maker we all love and admire basically and he has certainly inspired many through his work.
    So maybe we're a little sensitive when someone we don't know veryw ell sort of "sricks the booth" in old Claude there. But on the other hand you are indeed entitled to your views, and if you read further down, Claude has a change of heart and says he likes K's pics much more on screen than he did in the book.
    All the best,