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Great tyro 2020-05-22 0:45

Hello Gert,

Three wonderful photographs and a fine note from Bobo which looks to have been quite a delightful place to visit.

I can understand how the trees lining the roadway in your main photograph could make this a more pleasant place to stay outdoors than was the case with Ouagadougou and, of course, we see a group of people on the left seated in the shade complete with young children and a chicken. Interesting too is the fact that a lady appears to be riding her motorcycle in your direction, something which I am sure would not happen in more strict Islamic cultures.

I think your photograph of a more central or main street in the city is actually very nice: the trees are more dense and meet overhead and make a fine shade for this wide metalled roadway. Not so many people to watch in that photograph but your second workshop picture of the Marché spilling out into the street makes up for it with lots of activity going on - there are obviously some red items (possibly fruits or vegetables) on a stall in the background but I'm intrigued to know what the two people in the foreground with the two white enamelled bowls are doing or selling - those ones seated between the fellow carrying a table or small cupboard on his head and the fellow with the red bobble hat.

Three brilliant photographs, each well taken and packed with interest and of good quality too.


Take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards,


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Default To tyro: bowls

Thank you John for your, as always, carefully written comments.

I really can't see what those ladies were selling from the white enamelled bowls. Something white. Rice? Flour? I can't think of anything else.

As for the lady on the motorcycle, she may have been Christian. Or she may have been Muslim. Burkina Faso (Upper Volta in those days) struck me as a very relaxed and tolerant country where the religions seemed to live peacefully together. I saw very few Muslim women (if any at all) dressed like we are used to seeing them in the Middle East. And I am quite certain that among the men enjoying a cold beer on a hot day there were also Muslims. It was not at all a very strict Islamic culture.

Yesterday I discovered that you had added "The sound of West Africa" to your favourites. That was a nice surprise, and as usual I am honoured. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
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