To CLODO: The Royal Collection.....

  • Thank you, Claude, for your kind words about this one!

    Yes, the Royal Collection of Leonardo's drawings and sketches were "shared" around various parts of the United Kingdom during the last few months, so thank you so much for showing us your photograph from Manchester - that photograph would make a perfect and wonderful posting for TE on its own!

    You are right: the light levels were very low, not only for photography but also for viewing - the drawings were small and people were bending over and squinting at them in an effort to see all the details. My photos, because of the low light levels, were pretty grainy and I had to brighten them up quite a bit as well as compensating for the low colour temperature. Maybe a conversion to black and white would not have been a bad idea?

    Thank you once again!

    I trust that you are well.

    Kind Regards,