To tyro: safety

  • Hi Mariusz,
    What do you know about the joy of travelling? You are just a tourist, not a traveller. The only exotic places you have visited so far were Turkey and Egypt and a part of Argentina. You haven't been to black Africa, Asia or other countries of Latin America, you have no idea how to move around there. (Australia and New Zealand are civilized).
    I spent altogether 5 months in Latin America, well, only 5 weeks in black Africa, but maybe a year in different countries in Asia. Even in the USA I have more yellow colour than you. And Gert experience is much bigger.
    The way of traveling depends on the country. Usually, in just underdevelopment countries public transportation is better than in deloped ones where most of the people own the cars.
    Yesterday I have met Harry Mitsidis, maybe the greatest traveller in the world now. He was in 193 UN countries. 265 UN+ (not recognized) also Antarctica and Arctic. What a pleasure was to chat with him! I met also other travellers, for instance, travelling independently in South Africa with small kids.