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Great AdrianW 2006-12-20 15:24

Nice shot Adam! It's not Dell's .au office is it? It just reminds me rather a lot of a XPS 700-series case ;) Not sure whether I like the building or not!

Exposure's good - you've kept the highlights nicely under control, but the image seems a bit dark to me overall. If it were mine I'd consider lifting the midtones using Curves or Levels.

Sharpness doesn't seem quite as good I'd expect though - it maybe workflow related, if it is, try some fine sharpening - SmartSharpen 75%, 0.8px or so. Also try a bit less JPEG compression, you're only using just over half the 200kb limit.

If the original looks soft at 100%, I'd suggest your exposure settings would be the cause - although f/18 will get you a lot of DOF, most lenses lose sharpness beyond f/13 or so due to diffraction. For a shot like this, I'd say f/8 would be sufficient, and it would have the added advantage of bringing your shutterspeed up a bit - although folk suggest 1/focal length is a rule of thumb for handholding, I think you really need to go a bit higher with ultra-wides to guarantee good results.

I also suggest a little rotation to bring the far river bank to the horizontal, and if you don't like the converging verticals, try using the Filter/Distort/LensCorrection to fix it!

Overall a nice capture - thanks for sharing :D

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Default To AdrianW: Council Tower

Now that you mention it, it does have that look. You should see the rest of it. I might take some shots closer to it - the base of it has these massive walls of pastel colours, and the other side of it has these three steel columns which run almost the whole height. Stay tuned, and I'll post some up when I can.

Using of course your tips - which are, by a long way, the most useful comments I've yet received on this website.
Thanks for taking the time.
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