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  • How about the maps becoming functional again as we asked above?
  • I just realized administrators may not necessarily be aware of many functions which are important for TE members. This may be because you are mainly focused on the forum and not on the photographic part.
    Just to explain it a bit.
    Each TE member has a profile site where at the bottom the is his/her list of personally photographed countries, Together with the map of the world with the countries marked on it in brown color.
    This map is being update just once per day. Or at least it was. Many people report it is not being updated.
    In addition to it if you look at the list of the photographed countries of a chosen TE member, there is a link which says "view the map".
    If you click on it it takes you to enlarged map of the given country with particular counties of this country visited by the given TE member.

    If you look at Map of Turkey for holmertz
    you will see there again a list of photographic counties or whatever they may be called, smaller administrative units of a given country. For the USA they will be states.
    This map is also updated once per day (or so it was until recently). If you hover with your cursor over a name of a given county it will highlight the map of the region on the map in a different color temporarily.
    Now if you look at holmertz map of Turkey and hover over various regions you will see what I mean. But try doing it (hover over the name of the country) for counties like Trabzon or Rize na you will see that the temporarily the regions are indeed displayed but they were not permanently marked on the map. It indicates that the map was not updated.
    If you look at my map of Ireland
    I have managed to "paint" there all counties of Ireland. This is a challenge which some people undertake. I know people who did it for other countries.
    If the map is not updated, than of course this feature is lost.
    For me this is a very important feature of TE not only because you can paint maps but even more importantly because you can find photos from given county easily for various TE members.

    Also if somebody starts a new country on the list it appears immediately on the list under Map of Photographed Countries but if you click on the link VIEW THE MAP, this link was usually updated once a day (not anymore).
    If you click on the link view the map and it returns to the man profile site as if nothing has happened -it means the map of the world was not updated neither

    I am not sure whether it is clear for someone who never used it before but these features are in my opinion the features which were making TrekEarth to stand out from other websites where you simply upload a photo. Here you have the photos connected in groups which are not only countries but also counties and you can browse easily between them looking from various perspectives...

    Anyway, it is just to explain why we keep talking about maps here...

  • Is it a coincidence or everything stopped working after they turned off the beta version of the site? Since then, the counter and the maps don't work correctly anymore...
  • Hi Gervaso
    I am worried about it. Joel already mentioned that they won't be able to repeat the counter. If the maps are part of the same problem it means it won't get repaired.
    It is really strange. I cannot keep posting, knowing that the major functionalities are never going to be repaired.
  • All the present problems are obviously connected. Sometime in the late afternoon or the evening, US West Coast time, on January 15, the beta site, the counter and the maps all stopped working at the same time. I can't honestly believe that nobody at IB could do anything to repair the site. Similar problems, and even worse, have been fixed before as soon as those responsible were made aware of them. So why not now?
  • I've asked about the map and just uploaded a photo of my own for proof.
  • No news on that? It's been more than a week and your Canadian map has not been painted yet...
  • I think by no saying anything they try to tell us something. A summary what IB may think may be concluded from what Keitht wrote recently: they believe TE will not be missed...