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Great Angshu 2011-02-09 22:30

Hi Biswaroop!
This one, IMHO doesn't work as well as the earlier one...It's my personal opinion of course, but maybe its because of the speed of the water & the effect of slow shutter speed here. Would be interesting to see & compare the same image taken with a high shutter speed, which would have effectively frozen the motion of the water. I can of course counterargue as to what your motive was...if it was the depiction of the torrent, then this works well! However as a presentation in a picture , I feel a more static feel of water would have been better. The rocks are fine as in the earlier case, so is the dried leaf in the crevice! It would have been a nice variation if you could have caught hold of a green or yellow leaf & put it on top of the rocks...would have provided a strong focal point (check this image... Just throwing up ideas, all but, in my humble opinion!
Best Wishes

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Default To Angshu: Shutter Speed

Dear Angshu!

Wonderful to hear your very thoughtful comment! I agree though - from a more graphical standpoint, the earlier photograph works better - especially with the central leaf, and the curving patterns in the rock. Of course, the 'subject' here is the tiny rock held between the larger ones - but I agree - if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the previous one.

Regarding the shutterspeed - I was actually fiddling with that a couple of hours before taking this picture - but I found this shutter speed most appropriate at the time. But I do agree - it would've been nice to compare the same image taken at say 1/50 or conversely 2 seconds. The flow of time is one of two things that absolutely cannot be simulated with photoshop. The other thing is polarization. Of course, with a massive amount of processing one can create an image with a similar effect, but it will look unnatural.

Thanks for that link btw - amazing photography and interesting gallery - is that another trekearthish website?

Also, thank you for the suggestion to find compositional elements and place them into the frame. I will definitely try it the next time I'm out with my camera!


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Old 02-12-2011, 06:44 AM
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Yes, Biswaroop, its a TE type website, created by some professional photographers earlier in Peter Boehringer, Zeca Hauer etc. It's a nice site with quite high quality of posts...difference with TE is absence of smileys. The quality of crtqs are no less different though.
I also post there, because these guys were my virtual friends in TE & they were after me to join, in the very beginning of the site. You can check the site for some photographers whose photos are excellent indeed.
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