What about a meeting in Copenhagen Climate Conference ?

  • I'm waiting about your opinion and support to organize it in the middle of the conference which mean the 12th or the 13th december 2009.
    - Share experience and opinons on what have to change and what we can do by photography to increase public awareness of climate change.
    - A photographic tour in the city.
    - A flashmob.
    Good or Bad Idea: you choice now.
  • Re: What about a meeting in Copenhagen Climate Conference ?
    Sounds like a great idea and something I think would attract a lot of public attention. I'm not a photographer but do enjoy taking photos of various landscapes and I am fasinated by images of the environment and landscapes effected by climate change. I wont be in Copenhagen next week but because I work in the environmental industry I know of people who will be there so may be able to help spread the word.

    Take a look at a book I put together with images from around the world drawing attention to environmental issues. Any opinions on the images whether good or bad would be appreciated