New Techniques Section

  • Since there have been so many thoughtful workshops over the past year, a new Techniques section has been added to group together and highlight especially useful workshops applying specific photo editing techniques. The current techniques being displayed are:

    1. Unsharp Mask (Sharpening)
    2. Noise Reduction (Neat Image)
    3. Perspective Correcton

    Over time, more techniques will be introduced, and other workshops added to existing techniques. If anyone is aware of a particular workshop which might belong in this section, please consider using the [suggest a workshop] link so it may be added to a particular technique. As always, if there are any suggestions, please let me know, thanks.
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    excellent idea adam... how is your small family? thanks for the trieste project , that should be fun to do...


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    Thank you very much Adam. This is a great help to find quickly the adequate workshop amongst all the good work posted. Best regards.
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    How do you get to the Techniques section (aside from the link you provided in the announcement)?
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    "How do you get to the Techniques section"

    Please click 'Gallery' -> 'Workshops' -> 'Techniques' to get to the Techniques section.
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    It's possibly very interesting. But, as you ever committed that TE should be focused on people and culture around the world, hopefully this page is not split too much to TE's main direction.
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    <i>TE should be focused on people and culture around the world</i>

    This is true. But TE also offer the possibilty for the members to share and enhance their photography skills. That's the purpose of critiques and workshops. So I think it can be quite useful to sort out all techniques used in a dedicated sections.