To bertolucci: The elk

  • Thanks Bert, it had been fun meeting you too. But at least I got a good story and a laugh on the way there. I guess Rinie told you but if not in short - I was cocky enough to believe that train riding in a foreign country is an easy thing and a got moment of tranquillity for free at the Hoopsdorp switchyard. LOL!
  • Re: To bertolucci: The elk
    Hi Ebbe, yep Rinie told me. Hehe the Dutch railway system can be a tough nut to crack for the non-initiated ;-) And yes I believe the Hoofddorp yard (called 'opstel' by the railwaymen) offered such a moment.
    Even I once ended up on a yard in the town of Deventer when the train was split in half and I forget to change trainset ;-))