To tyro: Greenland

  • Hello John - good memory! But no, it was in fact the same maternal grandfather; you may have mistaken it because it was my father who had scanned in the negatives and slides and placed them on Flickr, but that was more due to interest than blood relation. They were very close, and my father has the photography bug (as you know) while my mother does not.

    And you will certainly be interested in this, which I posted on a comment on Malgo's image as well - a site where WWII/D-Day era photos from Britain and France have been 're-photographed' as you put it, almost perfectly:

    Click on each image to see the modern day version.

  • Re-photography.......
    Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for your reply and thank you also for sending me that link to those "re-photography" pictures - they are quite remarkable.

    As I said, I've tried to do that re-photography lark and it is actually remarkably difficult. You really have to have the "old" picture with you, printed out so that you can hold it up as you try to compose your shot. You definitely need a tripod too. I was amazed at how particular you've got to be to get it right - even moving right or left just a very few inches can make a huge difference. But the guy who took these newer pictures has got it bang on - even the doorways, lines of the edges of the road, etc. are all perfectly aligned!

    Kind Regards,