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Default Re: the difference

tonight the TE server has been working super for the first time in a long time for me,

having said that I'm going flickr more and more because of everything Henk said, and if you participate in particular groups the overall quality of the photos you see is much higher that TE; something I disagree with what Henk said is people do still tend to look at your latest photo, even if there is a set or collection displayed next to the latest photos, Henk lists the positives, which I agree with, there are a few minor negatives:

-often people do not specify where, or when the photo was taken, as it's not required
-it is quite difficult to keep track of responses to your comments
-as far as I know there are no general, photo or travel related forums where people can voice their opinions like this forum
-there is a glut of (admittedly very well taken) macros, bugs, sunsets, flowers, super artificial looking HDRs, pets, and.... other "things" not seen on TE (nothing wrong with that, but not what we're used to here)

...and finally, yes, there is a cost if you're serious about posting lots of images, but it's only about $50USD per year if I remember correctly to get a "pro" account.

Henk, correct me if I'm wrong.
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