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Default A Message From Francis

Dear friends,
I am very touched at the extraordinary outpouring of
affection I find here. I'm sure I don't deserve a
fraction of it. I was perhaps rash to leave
so...totally, and to erase in one huge bonfire of the
vanities, all my pics in one go. I mean I was always
known as a serial "deleter" but I guess that's really
going too far ;o)

Listen, I'm trying to take my street photography to
another place, that's true, wanting to try my hands at
projects - continuous stories but that doesn't mean I
want to lose touch with everyone.

Here is my private email (in case you don't have it):

You are very welcome to write to me anytime and I
promise you a prompt reply.

I miss you too. My years on TE were among the most
stimulating of my entire life, and that was largely
due to the back and forth between us.
So please write and let's stay in touch.

Kindest regards,
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