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Default To VeeJayCee: crop ...

Well .. I am hiding my and the places faults .. and it is funny I cropped this tighter as a reaction to the previous post which I posted then cropped tighter and liked the tighter crop that I didn't post .. but back to this image ..
It was raining on and off .. and I ended up with a grey sky that I managed to burn out (see previous post) .. I cropped away the trees on the right edge .. since some horrid people had carved a ton of graffiti into them .. so I didn't need to step back .. just fix my exposure and get rid of the stupid people .. and well I am standing on a small bridge .. so there was no back to step without falling into the creek ... but I do have some wider and even vertical views .. I was originally planning on stitching some vertical strips into a panoramic .. but the sky, the rain, and the graffiti put a damper on my plans.

thank you so much .. I really value your thoughts..

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