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Default Re: 13 photographs that changed the world

Most certainly the Dwight Clark image wouldn't reach the rest of the world; even in Canada its penetration is somewhat blunted by the CFS and the fact that football just isn't as important to us Canucks as it is to our neighbours to the south. I still hold on the Ali shot, although I think you are not debating this one. Ali most certainly was, and probably still is the athlete who was best known throughout the world; not sure there will ever be another who has his impact. Just for this reason, I think a shot of him would fit.

Two more I was thinking about, both from the Mexico City Olympics. The shot, head on, of Bob Beamon breaking the long jump record. I haven't seen that shot in years, yet I can still imagine it clearly. The other would be at the medal ceremony, with Tommy Smith and Juan Carlos, heads down and black gloves raised into the air. That was a pretty political moment.

One more Olympic moment; the shot of the hooded terrorist taken at the Munich Olympics. Actually, thinking about things, that one might be the biggest oversight I can think of so far.

Again, there is no way I would be able to limit myself to 13 shots.
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