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Default Re: 13 photographs that changed the world

Some interesting choices. Some, like the Capa, Lange,Bourke-White, Eddie Adams and Eisenstaedt shots were very easy to predict.

Not surprising that Ansel Adams was represented too, although I would have thought it would be Moon Over Half Dome would be the choice. Actually, I think they were putting Adams in there because of the body of his work and its influence, not any one particular shot. An interesting thing about the commentary on Adams was Adams eschewed manipulations, claiming they were simply derivative of other art forms. This stuck out to me because Adams was famous for his manipulations in the darkroom. Sure, he didn't smear Vasoline on his lenses, but he did at least as much in the darkroom in perfecting his prints.

I was a little surprised of the inclusion of The Corpse of Che Guevara, as I was tinking the very famous Alberto Korda shot would be chosen.

I also thought the Nick Ut photo of Kim Phuoc would be on there, but I guess the Eddie Adams shot kind of pushed it out as being the most iconic shot from the Viet Nam War.

I have no idea why they chose the Loch Ness Monster photo.

I was also expecting to see the portrait of Igor Stravinsky by Arnold Newman, as well as something from Yousuf Karsh, either Einstein or Winston Churchill. Also missing, IMO, was Salgado, probably the one at the Serra Pelada gold mine in Brazil, showing all the people going up the bamboo ladders.

I was expecting Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl to be on there as well; it seems to make so many lists. I thought Winogrand's guy doing a flip would be on there too, and something from Bresson. I wasn't expecting anything, but was also hoping to see something from WeeGee, who is one of my very favorites.

The shot of Neil Armstrong on the moon makes a lot of these lists too.

Anyways, some good shots and there will always be second guessing. I would think that the hardest part for the editors would be to whittle things down to just 13 photos. As you can tell, I couldn't do it.
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