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Default rejected photos

I would post some images of a trekking I did, showing a region near mine.
after my last image being removed I selected and put out of my future postings two more images, because I am trying to avoid them being removed. During these last years I am avoiding to post wild flowers, because they are considerate subjects like roses.
One of the images of my new future series shows a dog sleeping in a street with a hen beside it. the other shows a huge table-display of grapes in a public hall with grapes of a grape festival. --- I guess the image of the dog would be removed because it would be considerate like " my pet" and the big table with an artistic display of grapes would be considerate like a "like studio or a common subject" . In my opinion these two images talks about the place I was wanting to show.
in my opinion the system should to alert the member about the "error about posting an image" sending only a message to him/her and not removing the image, in the next days, if the member had intentions of posting images with the same error then the image would be removed..

take care

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