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Default Topaz....

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your message!

I've heard of Topaz but I've not tried it at all. Is it a bit like that other plugin called "Efex" which seems to be good for black and white pictures? Is it a freeby or do you have to pay for it? As you might know, I've subscribed to Photoshop CC (which also includes Lightroom) and I quite like it though it doesn't offer all that very much stuff more than Elements for me and it's pretty complicated to get the hang of it at first. But I shall persevere and gradually try to explore its deeper features. There's a rather good "Dehaze" filter in the RAW editor which not only allows you to get rid of haze and mist but can also help you to add those features - perhaps Lightroom has that too.

Does Topaz help boost contrasts and colours? You say it's good for pictures of rusty old cars - would it be any good for decrepit old men - a bit like Finnon Salts which Wilfred Pickles used to advertise so long ago? "Fortifies the Over Forties..." and all that?

Kind Regards,

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