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Default The critique system

I've been a member of TE for a long time although I'm not very active. The reason for that is that I have realized that the only way to get my photos noticed is to write glorifying "'critiqes" to people, telling them how amazing their photos are and how great photographers they could have been, and of course giving the inevitable green smiley.

It seems that nobody is really interested at the photos themselves, just in the process of collecting points. I've seen it numerous times- groups of people that keep giving 2 points to each other, no matter how bad is the quality of the photo. For god's sake, how can you say a photo has "good sharpness" when every child can see it is all blurred...How is it possible that photos that are obviously technically flawed gather 10-20 green smileys and not even one (!) emoticon of a different color?

The critiques themselves are sort of "cookie cutter" type that can be copy/paste with tiny modifications to fill in the allowed daily quota of 20 critiques: "A beautiful photo of a house in rural England, excellent color, beautiful POV, great sharpness and DOF, TFS!"

And even some veterans here, that have amassed 30,000+ points still behave in the same lousy way, when only one thing is on their mind: to gather more and more green smileys and points, to have their egos massaged daily and getting a pat on their shoulders. How can't they see it's all one big lie, and the number of points/critiques does not reflect anything of importance or real value?

It's a shame, becuase there are some great photos here and really talented individuals. But in order to "succeed" in this site and get noticed one has to wash his hands in the dirty water of inferior politics.

I think it is of vital importance to take TE members out of their mutual-critique point-buddy closed groups and force them to look at and critique other people's work. I suggest to ban writing critiques to the same TE member within a certain period of time. Same way as it is not possible to upload more than one photo within 24 hours, it would not possible to critique a photo of the same member for 3-4 consecutive days for example in order to break the pattern described above. Even if some members will find a way to bypass this restriction (and I'm sure they will) by forming a larger circle of point buddies or uploading at larger intervals, it at least will increase the level of exposure of members to other members' work on this site and the number of interactions.

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