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Default Grades in the forum

I have read all the hullabaloo about points. I never undestood what it was about, because people can switch off points if they don't like them, and ignore the people obsessed by points if they wish.
I find a member interesting as long as he accompanies his posts with worthy, compact notes (Compact in order not to bore the viewer), if he is ready to engage in discussions. I always find it frustrating when a member doesn't take the time to answer a question in which I asked a precision about his photo or his note!

I have noticed that we now get TITLES in the forum:
--NEWBIE for a member who has not qualified for any of the silver or gold icons.
--JUNIOR MEMBER for someone who has got some gold icons.
--SENIOR MEMBER for someone who has got all gold icons.
--TE EXPERT, which I unexpectedly find myself in without knowing why. Is it because I prize notes and discussions above any chain photo and critique posting? Which I think is the real meaning of TE.
It's certainly not for the quality of my photos which still need a lot of improvement.

Then, there are MODERATORS and SUPER MODERATORS. What's the difference between those?

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