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"InfoLinks belongs to a whole family of viruses dubbed Adware. The name is derived from the way it operates – by generating a large quantity of unwanted advertisements. Besides the usual offers for good deals and discounts you may also see some of the following:

Downloads for programs updates
Error messages about missing plug-ins
Unable to see some videos unless you install a specific video player
Offers for free programs (maybe even anti-malware)
REMEMBER! Everything that comes through InfoLinks is likely a scam of some sort. Adware like InfoLinks will aim at some of the following things:

Generate views for someone and waste your time
Entice you into spending money
Install malware on your computer

In fact the ads will often be not even real and will link to some random site. They are generated by the virus on your own computer and targeted at your interests (InfoLinks will read your browsing&search history and try to “understand” you). There is also a good chance that your computer may be working slower then usual, because InfoLinks is using its resources to create those ads"

Sounds like a virus to me. It's annoying to try and use Beta Trekearth now. The adds are all in Italian, they pop up frequently and cover large sections of the page. They keep reappearing despite closing them several times. I prefer to use Beta. Not every hotel has an optimum connection that can handle the new version. It was quick and simple to use. Not anymore.
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