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Default Re: ... still, there are some "normal" moments in each day

I tend to agree with Catherine, but right now this is not a 'normal' moment for me. Or should I say, it IS 'normal' for the last three weeks? I have spent about an hour doing a few critiques, looking at a few photos, and now attempting to write this. According to my experience tonight it should take about 5 minutes to upload once I press the 'Post Message' button. It's 10:16pm in Melbourne, which is 1:16pm GMT. Is lunch time in Europe bringing too many members online?

It occurs to me that the owners might actually think they have 'fixed' the situation, but because they take so little interest in their website and so little notice of the members that they don't even know that there are continuing problems. Or perhaps they do and just don't care, thinking 'near enough is good enough', as we say in English.
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