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Default Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??

Maybe i did not express my question properly ...Don t want to offend anyone . The question was mainly aimed to get traces of the best photography through this site , TE , that i , in some epoque reached to divinise but by now , owing to the excess of posts , uploads , oversaturation of pictures , themes pepeated , styles copied , imagination adultarated , photoshopping and other surgery applied , money available to buy smiles elsewhere in this planet , good photographic kits with a wide scope or range of lenses ...

I just wanted you to recommend me , leaving aside those circumstances (disponibility to travel and discover world , big pocket , trade of/with points , sophisticated equipment , fame through TE), who has certain spell , sensativiness , intelligence , originality by here in TE and is really worth being studied sifting every detail of her his work
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