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Default Re: self-regulation

yes - but my point is what is wrong with having some more western faces here, whether they are somebodies mother/girlfriend or not. Pictures of Indian mothers are allowed (even if posted by Indians?) so why not western mothers, If members think that a photo looks like it is part of a family album then they can give it a bad critic or ignore it.
All I am saying is that if we want more 'non-exotic' faces on TE, we will have to change the rules to allow these postings, otherwise there wont be any (why is there no canadian portrait? for example). At a time when it is more and more difficult to take candid shots of people in the west and when you are likely to get arrested if you get your camera out in public, it is unlikely that there will ever be more than a couple of western faces on TE unless we change this rule. Those that slip by the police will be censored by the TOS. Why choose to allow thousands of 'exotic' faces and then discourage any western ones?
There are tens of thousands of useless uninteresting photos here on TE (mixed with the thousands of wonderful ones), why worry if there are a few hundred western mothers/brothers/girlfriends amongst them?
Either that or no western faces.
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