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Default self-regulation

While I agree that it is obviously necessary to have a mechanism to remove anything really outrageous, I do feel that apart from this then TE should be self-regulating. If everyone thinks a photo does not fit with the TE spirit they can ignore it or write comments to say why they think it is unsuitable, and this is better than reporting it as a violation. This way is more transparent - everything happens in full view, everyone can see why members are unhappy with a certain photo, and no decisions are taken behind closed doors.(I am not talking about pornography or outrageous images uploaded maliciously, which need to be removed immediately).
I say this because I think all photos 'teach us about the world' to some degree or another, and I do not see why we need to decide if a photo does or doesn't fit a certain criteria (which are purely subjective anyway).
for example, I don't understand the restriction on friends and family. At a time when many members are wondering why there are no western portraits what could be wrong with taking portraits of people you know. Why should the picture of a Thai child teach us any more or less about the world than a photo of my mother/girlfriend? This is a silly rule , and if relaxed would help to get the faces of some more Westerners on TE, which as everybody recognizes are sadly lacking. What is wrong with having a relationship with your subject?
I could go on but will resist.
I won't be using the report feature unless I see something really outrageous.
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